Learn How to Fix AOL Account Error “cannot get mail, the password is incorrect” on an iPhone?

AOL is a famed and reputed email service in the market. At present, most of the users are using this fantastic service on different devices such as- PC, laptop, Android, iPhone. While using AOL mail in an iPhone, users may face a few of common issues on their device. Sometimes, you will get an error message on your AOL email service such as-“cannot get mail, the password is incorrect.” So, for that consumers, we are providing some secure solutions to get an immediate rid of this AOL error.

Below Get the Solutions to this AOL Error:-

To get an immediate rid of this AOL error, you need to follow below mentioned each solution.

Solution 1: Change your password

  • You must change your AOL account password on AOL website
  • Then use the newly created password to your iPhone AOL email account.

Solution 2: Remove the account

  • You need to delete your AOL email account.
  • Then reinstall it with the same email username and with your new AOL password.

Solution 3: Reset your AOL account settings:-

  • To resolve this AOL error, you need to set up your AOL email account settings by using AOL option.
  • Go to AOL account > Outgoing Mail Server section then press “SMTP” entry.
  • Switch Off your “Primary server” and then click on the “Add server.”
  • After that, enter the below-given info(for each of your account, if you have multiple accounts).
  1. Hostname: type in smtp.aol.com
  2. Username: type in your username without “@aol.com.”
  3. Password: type your password
  4. Use SSL: on
  5. Authentication: Password
  6. Server port: 587 (or you can set manually)

After entering the details, a new server will be added automatically to your iPhone.

Note: You can use your username and @aol.com, but you are not able to use “@aol.com” out of SMTP (However, the Primary server will be grayed out then you can ignore and create a new one).

Solution 4: Disable “2 step confirmation security settings.”

  • If you have allowed 2 step verification security settings, then it will make your iPhone or iPad fail,
  • Move to the Hotmail on your computer and disable “2 step verification security settings.”
  • Then delete the AOL mail account from your iPhone.
  • Make a new AOL account and enter your correct password.

Solution 5: Reset AOL Mail settings:- 

  • To change AOL email setting, navigate to Mail > Accounts > AOL
  • Deselect the mark of “notes” option.
  • After completing all the steps, restart your iPhone and check AOL email service.

AOL Customer Technical Support:-

We hope that after following the above steps, you will be able to send or receive your email frequently. But, if you have any other issue in our AOL service, then you can connect with AOL Customer Support. The AOL technician will offer you a satisfying service for your AOL related problem. So, you can feel free to meet with AOL expertise technicians.

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