Common AOL Error Messages and their Possible Solutions

AOL, also known as America Online, is an online service provider and web based email service Provider Company situated in New York. This holding of Verizon Communications is the founder of the legendary “You’ve got mail” feature. AOL became a leading brand because it was one of the initial pioneers of the Internet. On 1st February, 2018, a subsidiary company of Verizon named Oath consolidated the sending infrastructures among AOL and Yahoo. The AOL domains are still in operation but the spam filtering and processing are being handled by Yahoo. AOL mail is an old and reliable web mail service. However, sometimes issues and errors regarding AOL email crop up. If you are a user of AOL email and you are facing errors, then read this t know more.

AOL Error Codes

In order to ascertain which issue is causing the AOL email to be blocked, it is crucial to review the SMTP error codes. If there is an email which cannot be delivered then AOL provides SMTP error codes so that you can troubleshoot the possible reason for the error. Here is a list of the common AOL errors and their possible solutions:

AOL Error Code 421

AOL Error Code 421 happens when the user is receiving an email message from the server email end. The possible cause for this error is issues in routing which occurs only for a limited amount of time. As per the AOL technicians, this problem is easy to handle and it isn’t critical in nature. The users can easily fix this problem as it does not require advanced technical knowledge.

What causes AOL Error Code 421?

  • Using the outdated and old version of AOL Mail app
  • Issue in settings of AOL mail IMAP
  • Infection of harmful virus and malware like worms, Trojan horses, adware, etc.
  • Mail server not working.
  • Poor Internet network
  • Slow internet speed
  • Corrupted PST file
  • Invalid or improper ISP setting
  • Less available storage space.

Steps to fix AOL Error Code 421

Even though Error Code 421 is not dangerous, steps should be made to resolve it as soon as possible. Here are the steps that users should follow in order to fix Error 421:

  • Configure mail server settings of the AOL mail. Do this with the aid of ISP SMTP relays.
  • Configure the mail server settings and change it to the smart host.
  • Purchase a third party SMTP relay.

 AOL Error Code 420

AOL error code 420 is another common error. This error code may be frustrating because if this error shows the users are not able to get access to their AOL mail accounts. Moreover, this error disables the users from creating a new AOL mail account.

What causes AOL Error Code 420?

  • AOL Mail related files are corrupted.
  • Poor or no connection between the computer system and AOL
  • Virus or malware infection affecting the files.
  • Browser incompatibility issues.

Steps to fix AOL Error Code 420

  • Download and install a robust antivirus program on your computer system.
  • Run a complete scan of your system.
  • Remove all the infected files and threats found in the scan.
  • Restart the computer.
  • Run the scan again to ensure that your computer is free from infections and threats.

If the errors regarding AOL email still persist and cause unexpected issues then you should contact AOL Email Support to get instant solutions. The AOL Support customer care team is made up of expert technicians who are available 24/7 at your service. They provide instant, reliable, and effective troubleshooting solutions for all the AOL mail related problems.

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