How to Configure the AOL Mail IMAP Settings?

The AOL email service is not as popular as Gmail, Yahoo in this world. But it offers the users some of the best features and the free account access with the IMAP server, a leading example of AOL mail. Moreover, all the free AOL email accounts will appear with unlimited storage space to their users which means you don’t have to delete messages at all. In the Recent news, only 2 percents of the people are using IMAP server the online email account in line with the one on your computer and also with your mobile devices.

AOL Mail IMAP server is a written set of procedure which allows their users to have an free access to e-mails from any of the mail server to the mail clients. Nowadays IMAP server is widely used. it offers you that your emails are reserved securely on your remote email server. It facilitates multiple device usages. You can access your mail from anywhere in the globe. There might be possible that you can connect more than one device to it. It also syncs some other devices with the server.

AOL mail is one of the most broadly used online Email services. It can be set up according to the needs of the users and will help their users to totally control the full potential of its services. We are discussing some of the steps to provide you the all information about the IMAP server and how you can configure the settings. Steps are mentioned below.

Procedure to Configure the AOL Mail IMAP Server Settings

Basic steps are given below to Configure your AOL Mail IMAP server settings. These steps are very easy to follow. So without wasting much time. Jut follow these steps in ascending order and save your time and efforts both. The steps are given below:

Step-1: Enter the “Full AOL Mail Address” and “Full AOL E-Mail Address” in the position of “IMAP” server username.

Step-2: Choose the “Port 143” option for making the standard connection.

Step-3: Again, choose the “Port 993” option for making the SSL connection.

Step-4: Enter on the “Incoming Mail” server as “” option

Step-5: Click on the “SMTP” server outgoing address: “” option.

Step-6: The“SMTP Username” should be the same as your “Full AOL Email Address” and same as “IMAP Username”.

Step-7: Enter the “587” digit in case of “SMTP Port”.

Step-8: Enter the “Password” which you have used to login to AOL mail account in the place of “SMTP Password”.

Aforementioned steps are very easy to follow and understand. By following the steps, you will surely able to configure AOLMail IMAP server setting. But if you are unable to configure then you have an option to connect to the AOL email support. The experts and technicians of AOL are available 24*7 to help you in resolving your problem. For quick assistance dial the toll-free number of AOL customer service.

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