How to Fix AOL Error 521 5.2.1

AOL is a most famed or reputed mail service. Most of the users using this email service. But sometimes we face some error with it. Whenever AOL Users receive the “521 5.2.1, AOL will not accept delivery of this message” error when trying to send an email. This problem creates the reverse DNS lookup. As it turns out, you will find this error, either if the AOL’s mail server defected the connection, or because the sending server’s information couldn’t be loaded into the DNS correctly.

Aol Email Support

Anti Spam Measures

Despite the fact that AOL isn’t evident on what triggers this issue, there is a considerable measure of discourses that fault “spam messages” for the dark vision of this issue. Obviously, clients may get this error if the body of the email contains what AOL considers as “terrible connections.” Things being what they are, these connections won’t be incorporated deliberately by users– more often than not, the links are created by applications that naturally insert non-FQDN (utterly qualified area names) URLs into sent messages.

Why does it happen?

  • However, you find this error message continuously, take assistance with your email executive.
  • It may be the case that your user account has been assumed control by spammers.
  • It can be used to spread the spam messages.
  • AOL keeps an inside kept up AOL IP boycott.
  • If spam activity is advancing toward them from your IP, it can be created to that rundown.

In any case, remember this does not imply that your accounts been traded off. AOL has a long history of misidentifying honest to goodness messages as spam. There have been events in the past where major gives were boycotted by AOL to “awful mailing rehearses.” AOL is known for being exceptionally self-important from whom it acknowledges messages from and is for the most part seen as an organization that disregards mailing benchmarks.

What to do resolve the AOL error 521 5.2.1?

  • If AOL is bouncing your emails with the “521 5.2.1 AOL will not accept delivery of this message” error,
  • You should start by checking your IP reputation.
  • If you want can use the AOL postmaster tool (here). it’s a reputation check tool
  • Now, analyses your email server IP by taking into account multiple factors such as spam complains.
  • Now check all not-spam reports, invalid recipients, and spam folder deliveries.
  • Now, Enter the email server IP address that AOL bounce back to view the reputation of that particular IP.
  • If the issue is with your PC or a workstation/notepad you should have a go at using the Reimage Plus Software.
  • It can filter the archives and supplant degenerate and missing documents. Its works by and large, where the issue has started because of system infection.
  • Now restart your computer.

Now check error has resolved or not, if you find error 521 5.2.1 again on your email service then call to AOL support.

How to take the AOL Services?

As we know, AOL is the best email service, but still, sometimes we face some error with it. So now your this issue is also solved that how to reach AOL customer support, connect with the toll-free dial number. Now AOL is providing a 24X7 helpline facility to the users. In any stage, if you trouble any issue, so without any delay make a call to AOL customer toll-free number. By dial this number you will get ant type of help related to AOL services. The AOL experts provide you an instant service to all the issues. You can connect them by a live chat also. To know more about AOL, you need to go AOL official website.

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